5 Surprisingly Healthy Reasons to Drink More Coffee Daily!

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5 Surprisingly Healthy Reasons to Drink More Coffee Daily!

We all know coffee is delicious and gives you that pep in your step and It’s not like we needed another reason to drink more of it, but you may find yourself reaching for another cup of the world’s second most consumed beverage after reading these surprising health benefits.

1. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants
Coffee is packed with the polyphenols! These powerful antioxidants can reduce inflammation which is thought to be the cause of many chronic illnesses. They also aid in cell recovery and fight off free radicals that naturally occur in the body.

2. Coffee can boost your metabolism and help you lose Weight
That’s right, several studies have shown that coffee can help you burn fat! The naturally occurring caffeine in your morning cup of joe is one of the only natural substances that has been proven to aid in fat burning. Some studies have suggested that it can boost your metabolism anywhere from 3-11%. Of course, when coffee is combined with exercise and a healthy diet then those pounds really shed off!

3. Coffee can protect you from memory loss
A study from the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that coffee and caffeine consumption had a positive effect on cognitive functions that required speed/vigilance and improved memory, especially in older subjects of the study where memory loss complications occur at the highest frequency. This may be linked to their lifetime of coffee consumption over time.

4. It can make you happier
The caffeine that is responsible for your morning jolt of energy also has another positive side effect. Along with the decrease in adenosine, a sleep promoting chemical, coffee increases your dopamine levels. Dopamine is your body’s reward chemical playing a role in pleasure and motivation.

5. Coffee may lessen the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Another perk of antioxidants and inflammation reduction! Even better, you can get these same diabetes fighting benefits from drinking decaf. Scientists believe that daily consumption of coffee’s potent antioxidants protects your insulin producing cells which enables your body to regulate blood sugar more effectively.

Remember to keep it healthy!
Doctors and scientists alike agree that light to moderate coffee drinking (1-4 cups per day) is enough to reap the benefits of coffee’s antioxidants and caffeine. Going overboard can lead to jitters and restlessness. A good rule of thumb is to go light on sugar, syrups, and artificial ingredients. Although delicious too much of these can be counterproductive. Coffee may be part of your routine and a regular intake has many positive benefits, be mindful when you’re grabbing your favorite mug. Keep it healthy and enjoy!