Millennials Are Changing the Job Market (and Employers Must Respond)

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53.5 million working Americans are labeled as “millennials” – a term used for those born between 1984 – 2004, and what they bring is more than just an age group.  They bring a work style, expectations, and (if done right) opportunity.  Here are some tips for your organization to respond to the millennial employee.

  1. Provide purpose

    Millennials are completely driven by purpose, and it’s critical for you as an employer to provide it.  Purpose can replace a lot of things in a job for millennials, including income.

  2. Provide a culture of diversity

    More than ever, millennials are group that requires diversity.  This not only means people but ideas as well.  Provide them travel opportunities, or a variety of project experiences.

  3. Provide technology

    If you are a company (or a boss) uncomfortable with technology, step out of the way and let a millennial take the wheel.  They are all about technology ingrained into their lives.  Providing an environment void of technology will repel millennials faster than anything else.

  4. Provide a flexible work environment

    Flexibility doesn’t just have to mean with office hours.  Flexibility can mean HOW they work as well. Make sure your office space is warm, creative, inviting and supportive.  Provide a clean space and flexible work environments.

  5. Provide recognition

    Millennials want to hear that you are happy with what they bring to the company.  Make sure you spend time providing recognition, which doesn’t have to be in the form of money.

Understanding this new workforce can be the difference between success and failure at a company.