We carry all the popular vending brands like Smart Water, Core, Aquafina, Deja Blue, and More! If you want to up your water game in terms of taste, health, AND cost effectiveness, then it might be time for a Refresh WaterLogic Cooler!



Is Healthier For You & The Environment


Our water systems are bottle-less which means less plastic waste in the workplace. We make it our mission to not only refresh your office but to refresh the world!

Instant Hot Water

No need to wait on the microwave! Our water systems increases office productivity and maximize break time with clean, refreshing hot water perfect for hot cocoa, tea, instant meals and more!

Better Tasting Water

Our water systems offer the latest in water purification technology, this means we guarantee the freshest, best tasting water, EVERY TIME

The BioCote Advantage

Plastic surfaces surrounding dispensing areas of our units are infused with a silver additive called BioCote®. The BioCote advantage:

Unique to our Waterlogic coolers
Effective against a wide variety of microbes
Lasts the water cooler's lifetime

Our Filters Are
100% Bacteria FREE

Reusable water bottles, tap water, and even bottled water can all contain trace amounts of bacteria. A study found reusable water bottles alone had 300,000 units of bacteria, a staggering 6 TIMES more bacteria than in the average pet water bowl. Rest assured! Our systems are 100% bacteria free because we are committed to supplying only the freshest water possible.

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