ReFresh Grows Micro Market Program with Avanti Markets

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ReFresh Facility Services continues to grow micro market segment with Avanti Markets.

The Micro Market advantage

A micro market is an unmanned retail space where individuals can choose their favorite food and beverage items and pay through a kiosk. Micro markets offer a wide variety of items that are restocked regularly.

Innovative technology

Avanti Markets’ technology facilitates an intuitive, simple and enjoyable experience for the consumer, whether paying at the kiosk, interacting with the Avanti Markets App or checking Market Account funds at home.

Versatile options

Micro markets empower consumers with choice and the ability to pick among so many different fun and exciting food and beverage options. Plus, each micro market is customizable for the locations’ needs and preferences.

Advanced equipment

Avanti Markets uses today’s leading equipment at every touchpoint in order to offer customers with the best products possible. This includes energy-efficient coolers, attractive fixture displays, stylish kiosks and a full security system.

Get a Micro Market at your office

Offering a micro market can help provide a variety of benefits for your employees, including improved team efficiency and enhanced company culture.

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