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PROTECT Your Space!

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Our Spray Protects Your Surfaces For Up To 90 Days!

ReFresh Protect™ is a two-stage process that eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses (such as covid-19) and other harmful pathogens. First, we apply a powerful disinfectant to sanitize the area. Next, we apply our biostatic spray that creates a transparent film that protects your surfaces for up to 90 days!

Facility Services in Northwest Indiana! (The Best)


Rethink the way you snack! Our vending solutions are just what your office needs to stay ahead of the hunger!


Our water solutions accommodate any office size! Whether you're looking for bottles, purifiers, machines or coolers we have them all!


We have Bean to Cup, Single Serve, Office Coffee Machines and More! Fuel The Addiction With Our Coffee Solutions!



Dietary Options For Your Office Break Room!

From Our Facility Delivered Straight To Your Office!

Big Or Small, We Service Offices Of All Sizes!

We Deliver Office Coffee, Food, Vending, Water, & Snacking!

We're Punctual, Your Company Culture Is At Stake!

Need Supplies? We Can Take Care Of that Too!

Ask Us About Our 100% Customizable Micro Markets!


Our Janitorial Services Are Anything But Standard!

We know each facility has unique needs and we can tailor a complete program that integrates our focus on a healthy workplace with your priority on budget and production.


Healthier Culture Increases Employee Productivity!

ReFresh can bring clean, modern and healthy options to meet the needs and wants of your employees. Those with special dietary requirements or improving their food choices will appreciate the ReFresh approach. At least 20% of the vending products are healthy options in our reliable “state-of-the-art” vending machines with hassle-free transactions including credit card and alternative cashless payment methods. We promise our customers that they will get the product they want from our machines so no one leaves empty-handed. No more requests for refunds because the machine ate someone’s dollar.

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