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    Our Strong History Drives Cleaning Success In 2022!

    At ReFresh Facility Services, our “Cleaning for Health” program was designed in the mid-90’s, and we never stop improving our methods! Much thought and care went into the development of our janitorial program as our primary focus shifted towards the Healthcare Industry and related facilities. This initiative was re-introduced in 2012 when our “Healthy Workplaces Made Simple” tagline was introduced.

    The bottom line has always been to provide a healthy workplace for our customers, and their employees. This has never been more important as it is today.

    Floor Maintenance

    We can clean any flooring surface including grout and finished floors. We can even re-wax and finish flooring upon request.

    Window Cleaning

    Windows are usually the first thing customers/clients see when entering your building. We keep your windows shining clean and bright!

    Carpet Cleaning

    We use environment-friendly products when cleaning your carpet. Ask us about our spot-cleaning service for those tough stains!

    Restroom Supplies

    We are a supplier of all your stocking needs for the break room, restroom, and more! We have competitive pricing and plenty of toilet paper!

    At ReFresh Facility Services, we take the utmost care in structuring our cleaning regiment. We have a strong focus on employee development to ensure our janitors clean meticulously, each and every time!


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    Our Facility Cleaning Process 

    We always disinfect with a solution of isopropyl alcohol that is at least 70% as per the guidelines specified by the CDC. Studies have shown that solutions with higher concentrates such as 99% do not necessarily yield a more dramatic impact than lower concentrations. Also, concentrations lower than 50% alcohol start to sharply lose effectiveness quickly the more diluted the solution.

    We Are A Trusted Healthcare Industry Partner

    Cleaning Covid-19 Suspected/Confirmed Cases:

    • We follow strict CDC guidelines when disinfecting contaminated premises.
    • We allow sufficient time for the virus to fall to surfaces before we disinfect and begin virus termination. After convening with healthcare officials, we have determined this time to be at least a two hour waiting period.
    • Our cleaning agents are proven to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.


    The disinfecting product that we use is called: Oxiver tb. Following is information about the product directly from the Johnson Diversey website.

    Oxivir® Powered by AHP® Technology

    *Note about SOAP & WATER- When we clean up coronavirus suspected facilities, a simple soap and water solution has proved to actually be one of the most effective ways to KILL Covid-19. This is because of the interesting way the soap molecule reacts with the outer topography of the virus. Coronaviruses are composed of tiny protrusions that resemble a crown (hence the name corona). Just underneath these spires, there is a fatty lipid layer of substance. The soap molecule acts as a wedge and forcibly separates the virus due to the reaction with the lipid layer. This process actually causes the virus to die due to its inability to bond with humans.

    While utilizing the correct products are essential, equally as important is the proper utilization of well-trained, well-supplied and confident employees. Our continuous training program includes twice-weekly emails, twice-weekly podcasts and weekly ZOOM meetings/conference calls with Q&A’s for every employee. No one comes close to amount of regular training and encouragement that we provide our employees.

    Lobby & Offices Spaces, Conference Rooms

    • Dispose of all trash bags and restock the bins.
    • Thoroughly clean and scrub water coolers and other fountains.
    • Thoroughly dust all surfaces, including desks, filecases, the windowsills, office chairs & tables as well as portraits and other furnishings.
    • Clean hard surface flooring with a damp mop to remove any visual spills.
    • Wipe off counters and desktop spills due to coffee, soda, and other accidents.
    • Carpet and flooring get vacuumed.
    • Dry mop floors and other hard surfaces with a treated dust mop.
    • Buff fingerprints from window glass in lobby and entrances.
    • Wipe telephone and electronic equipment.
    • Spot clean partition glass as needed.
    • Remove large debris from common areas and entry points.

    Restrooms & Locker Room Cleaning

    • Sanitize trash cans and receptacles and restock with can liners and bags.
    • Newly stock all paper towel dispensers, toilet tissue, and other necessities
    • Mirrors get wiped down and sanitized and finished with a clean shine.
    • Toilets are sanitized thoroughly and urinals are disinfected and cakes are changed.
    • Wipe any public contact areas and then sanitize.
    • Scrub both sides of the toilet seats.
    • Dust surfaces and spaces where dust accumulates.
    • Sanitize all bases and bright finish.
    • Finish by mopping and sanitizing the area.

    Your Employee & Customer Health Is Our TOP Priority!   

    Cafeteria / Break rooms

    • Dispose of all trash bags and restock the bins.
    • Wipe off counter spills due to coffee, soda, and other accidents.
    • Disinfect “Dirty Areas” including trash cans & other receptacles.
    • Wet mop floors and other hard surfaces with a treated dust mop.
    • Thoroughly dust all surfaces, including desks, file cases, the windowsills, dining chairs & tables as well as portraits and other furnishings.
    • Spot clean where needed in areas where spills occur.
    • Thoroughly clean and scrub water coolers and other fountains.
    • Spot cleaning is done on surfaces, coolers, and break room equipment when needed.
    • Disinfect all sinks and faucets. Dishes are not in our scope of cleaning.

    Additional Special Weekly Cleaning Includes:

    • Buffing upgrade options available on all hard surfaces.
    • Vertical dusting and cleaning of surfaces.
    • Damp mop hard surface floors, taking care to get into corners, along edges and beneath furniture.
    • Vacuum underneath and inside corners of furniture and appliances.

    Additional Special Monthly Cleaning Includes:

    • Lightswitch scrubbing and print removal.
    • High dusting that requires stools and ladders.
    • Deep clean office equipment such as telephones, keyboards etc.
    • Heavy-duty scrubbing and floor finishes.
    • Upholstery cleaning.