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At ReFresh Facility Services, our “Cleaning for Health” program was designed in the mid-90’s, and we never stop improving our methods! Much thought and care went into the development of our janitorial program as our primary focus shifted towards the Healthcare Industry and related facilities. This initiative was re-introduced in 2012 when our “Healthy Workplaces Made Simple” tagline was introduced.

Our Strong history drives cleaning success

At ReFresh Facility Services, we take the utmost care in structuring our cleaning regiment. We have a strong focus on employee development to ensure our janitors clean meticulously, each and every time!

The bottom line has always been to provide a healthy workplace for our customers, and their employees. This has never been more important as it is today.  Contact us to learn more about our janitorial services, you will be glad you did.

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Refresh Facility Services

Janitorial Cleaning tools

Commercial Janitorial Services

Our commercial janitorial service is committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your business. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning.

floor maintenance

Commercial Floor Maintenance

Our commercial floor maintenance team specializes in keeping your floors looking their best. We clean any flooring surface including grout and finished floors. We even re-wax and finish floors.

commercial window washing

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our commercial window cleaning service provides crystal clear views for your business. Our team is trained on the latest techniques to ensure a streak-free shine on every window, inside and out.

Carpet cleaning service

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

We use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products, we can remove even the toughest stains and odors, leaving your carpets looking and smelling like new.

Resroom supplies

Commercial Restroom Supplies

From soap and towels to air fresheners and disposable products, we have everything you need to keep your restrooms fully stocked and functional.

Disinfecting service

Disinfection Cleaning Services

Our disinfection cleaning services use advanced techniques and products to eliminate harmful bacteria, helping to prevent the spread of illness in your business.


Lobby, Office Spaces, Conference Rooms

Restroom supplies

Restrooms and Locker Room Cleaning Services

Cafeteria / break rooms

Disinfecting service

Additional special weekly cleaning

Additional special Monthly cleaning

Your Employees & Customer health is our top priority!

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A ReFresh-ing Approach to Janitorial Services

Refresh sanitizing


Now more than ever keeping employees healthy is a priority.  ReFresh focuses on providing modern and cost-effective services that enhance your company’s culture through cleanliness and employee well-being. 

Our comprehensive cleaning services go beyond standard cleaning company protocols, such as cleaning telephones, light switches, and doorknobs – those germ-laden high-touch points that can lead to sickness and absenteeism throughout your workforce.

floor care


ReFresh is a budget-friendly solution that combines trained employees – effective, environmentally-friendly cleaning products – and attention to detail. The result is cleaning that delivers a high level of excellence at a reasonable price.

One of our team supervisors will work with you to customize services and a cleaning schedule to meet your needs, and will continue to communicate with you on a regular basis. 

Deep cleaning service

Customer Service

Customer service starts with communication and at ReFresh we take the time to listen to and engage with employees, customers, and suppliers. We can help you care for the people, spaces and places that are important to you.  

Let us give your facilities a ReFresh! Contact us today.

Refresh Janitorial Services

Let us assist you in designing a cleaning plan that meets the needs of your business.  In addition to regular janitorial services, we also offer the following specialized cleaning services: 

Floor Care

Window Cleaning

Restoom Supplies

window washing single
Street cleaning service
disinfectant cleaning

We Are a Trusted Healthcare Provider

Cleaning Covid-19 Suspected/Confirmed Cases

- We follow strict CDC guidelines when disinfecting contaminated premises.

- We allow sufficient time for the virus to fall to surfaces before we disinfect and begin virus termination. After convening with healthcare officials, we have determined this time to be at least a two hour waiting period.

- Our cleaning agents are proven to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.

We use Oxiver tb Disinfecting Product

Following is information about the product directly from the Johnson Diversey website.

Oxivir® Powered by AHP® Technology

*Note about SOAP & WATER- When we clean up coronavirus suspected facilities, a simple soap and water solution has proved to actually be one of the most effective ways to KILL Covid-19. This is because of the interesting way the soap molecule reacts with the outer topography of the virus. Coronaviruses are composed of tiny protrusions that resemble a crown (hence the name corona). Just underneath these spires, there is a fatty lipid layer of substance. The soap molecule acts as a wedge and forcibly separates the virus due to the reaction with the lipid layer. This process actually causes the virus to die due to its inability to bond with humans.

While utilizing the correct products are essential, equally as important is the proper utilization of well-trained, well-supplied and confident employees. Our continuous training program includes twice-weekly emails, twice-weekly podcasts and weekly ZOOM meetings/conference calls with Q&A’s for every employee. No one comes close to amount of regular training and encouragement that we provide our employees.

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